Atypical Bridal Bouquets & Groom Accessories

When it comes to floral accessories, it’s all about creating that extra something special. Whether it is an atypical bouquet for the bride or a floral lei for the groom, these distinctive pieces really add to the overall ceremony aesthetic. Weddings today revolve around attention to detail and personalization, and adding floral accessories is a fantastic way of achieving this criteria.

There are a multitude of ways to accessorize with florals, including unique bouquets. A one-of-a-kind bouquet can be a true statement piece—varying colors and textures, for example, can either tie together a bridal party color palette or accentuate a ceremony’s look and feel. Juxtaposing succulents with fresh florals projects a unique, garden-like look. Mixing in pops of greenery creates a beautiful, rustic look. You can even add decorative items, such as shells, to add texture and give off a tasteful, tropical look. Atypical bridal bouquets are a fantastic way of tying together the ceremony aesthetic in a subtle, yet sophisticated manner.

In terms of the groom, there are many ways to integrate florals. Feel free to play with your ceremony colors and create leis for the groom or groomsmen. This is a fun addition, and a great way to emulate the bridal party’s look and feel. Complementing florals for the groomsmen and bridal party also make for great photo opts!

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